BlockAvenue’s API program enables you to access trusted BlockAvenue information in real time such as, BlockScores and the associated ratings, counts, and detailed neighborhood and block reviews from locals and trusted experts. Interested in gaining access to our the BlockAvenue API? Contact us at api [at] blockavenue.com or call us at 480-461-7970.

BlockScore API

The BlockAvenue API can return a BlockScore for almost every location in the U.S. BlockScore resolution is somewhat user defined. For example, you can send us a Long/Lat and a specified zoom level (using the OSM standard zoom levels and a standard viewport size) and we will return you the BlockScore for the area and the items (with counts) on how the BlockScore is determined. (Please note: If you do not supply a zoom level, we will use our algorithm to pick the best one (typically Gmaps level 15-17 or so.)

BlockScore ExampleResults Returned Possibilities
BlockScore Grade A thru F (always)
BlockReviews (with count)
Crime (with count)
SOR (with count)
Transit (with count)
Amenities (with count)
Wine + Dine (with count)
Schools (with count)
Health (coming soon)
Social (coming soon)
Trending (coming soon)

BlockReview API

Everyday our database for BlockReviews gets larger. Right now we have quite a bit of density in Boston, DC, NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and most urban addresses should pull back at least a few “BlockReviews” as well. BlockScore resolution is somewhat user defined.

Results Returned Possibilities
BlockScore (for that review)
Full Address
Review Title
Review Text
Review Photo (if available)
Date of Review
Author image
# of votes
# of comments


Example:  Greenwich Club Residences on Rentenna

Blog:  More details on our API

"Early data from the API integration reveals that users who engage w/ BlockAvenue content on Rentenna are ~2x as likely to complete our other conversion goals."
- Kayvon Bina, Rentenna Co-Founder 

Display Requirements & Attribution for BlockScore API

Every time a BlockScore is shown please display basic language on how the BlockScore was calculated. Also, please use our “grade flag” and provide a link (followed link) back to that BlockAvenue query. We love design and don't want to overpower your design with BlockAvenue attribution. If you wish to do something custom regarding attribution (logo, links, etc), just send us a note and we will be happy to review it with you.

Interested in gaining access to our the BlockAvenue API? Contact Us at api [at] blockavenue.com or call us at 480-461-7970.